Drawing of a Torterra
The Rules

I'll try to keep it concise and obvious, but it's best to ensure that you are all clear on what we're expecting.

  • Stay on topic - don't spam. Also try to have something interesting in each post. Only "bump" if appropriate and even then not more than daily.
  • Try to type in relatively good english. If I can't understand it then it's probably spam.
  • Don't double post (post twice consecutively) unless "bumping" for a thread where bumping makes sense - you can edit posts if so inclined.
  • No porn here.
  • Innuendo is okay, but try not to be vulgar.
  • Conversations may naturally drift to another subject, but if they do then it's best to start a new thread for the new subject.
  • Don't revive old threads unless you've got something really constructive to add.
  • Don't be deliberately insulting or overtly aggressive (no aggressive swearing).
  • Keep drama to a minimum. I won't like arguments.
  • Don't take things too seriously - remember that we're here to have fun.
Drawing of a Torterra